Thursday, December 17, 2009

Contest! *Shameless plug alert!*

When my photographer friend, Adam Mooshian, and I saw the entries for the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance annual photo contest, we decided to take it upon ourselves to boost the competition a little. The contest was, after all, open to anyone, amateur and professional, and so far, only amateurs had submitted. We thought it would make it more interesting to see what our clan's favorite and most competitive photos would be.

So, I submitted my three photos: Hollywood Dreams, Churchill Downs, and Rachel Alexandra wins the Kentucky Oaks. Adam predicted the TBA's reaction would be accurately depicted by the following video:

We both had a good laugh, and then set about telling all of our professional photographer friends about the contest, and that they should also submit so we wouldn't look like the two bullies who came in and crashed everyone's little party. So basically, we called the cavalry, and with them came competition that rivaled what we'd submitted. We stopped laughing. Dwarfed now by an array of fantastic photos by Sarah K. Andrew, Bob Mayberger, Scott Serio, Bud Morton, Eric Kalet, and many others, we had successfully given ourselves the kind of competition we'd asked for. Yes, you get what you ask for.

Right now, the professionals are generally in the lead. The winner of the contest doesn't get a prize or anything, they are simply declared "the winner" and according to the TBA, "The picture will be featured on the photo page, and the photog given the opportunity to link to anything they want and to say whatever they want (provided it abides to civil discourse)."

I'm just in it because I like the competition. So, if you feel so inclined, do me a solid and go vote for my Hollywood shot, because it's my most-voted for picture; and then, if you want to stroke my ego, go vote for my others, as well. And hey! If you vote for me, comment on this blog and if I win, I will personally thank-you when I ascend the Podium of Win. Heck, I'll even link to whatever you want linked, like if you want to inform people about your Thoroughbred retirement farm, or if you want to show off your new cute puppy or something...



  1. But I've already "stroked your ego".
    You were in the right place at the right time.

    Had the clouds moved just a little.
    You would not have gotten my vote. :P

  2. I've already voted for your Hollywood pic too. Very impressive, almost surreal. Competition is stellar so good luck!

  3. Which ones are yours so I can vote? VF

  4. Haha, thanks everyone!

    Vern - On the ballot, they're listed as "Hollywood, Churchill, and Rachel by Jamie Newell." They're listed one after the other.


  5. Got it, looks like you have a shot, VF