Sunday, December 12, 2010


My entry fom 2009 was well-received, but not enough.
Since I don't have a photo in contention for an Eclipse Award, pretty much all my hopes are banking on a win in this year's Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance 2010 photo contest. Though this isn't exactly on the same level as far as prestige goes, it's still a venerable contest among pro photographers, as well as amateurs. Last year, I gained quite a few votes (but not enough to clench victory) for my popular picture of Rachel Alexandra winning the Kentucky Oaks, but this year I don't have one stand-out photo that screams "I WILL WIN FOR YOU."

So this is where you come in. What follows is a set of pictures I think are my best chances for bagging this contest. Honestly, I've seen a ton of photos by my fellow photographers that have blown me out of the water this year, so I'm not expecting to win, but I have a few good pictures that stand a shot, so what the heck? My thinking is that the most sentimental photo is likely to win, as most people judge with their hearts, not a fundamental knowledge of what it takes to capture a knock-out horse racing photograph. (And when it comes to sentimental photos, I think Zenyatta has the edge this year.) With that in mind, you won't find a lot of win shots or photos taken on the physical track in those that I've selected for your consideration. I may be wrong in this idea, so prove me wrong if this is the case by voting for something else.

Without ado, here are five photos I've taken during 2010 that I am considering submitting. I can only submit TWO photos to the TBA contest. Please help me make this difficult decision by voting on your favorite two in the comments below.

Like a Prizefighter

Fiji: Water of Champions
The Pied Piper of Arlington
To the Winner's Circle!
(Lisa Borel is carried over a sloppy track to meet husband Calvin Borel after winning the Kentucky Derby.)
Zenyatta and John Shirreffs
Entries for the TBA photo contest are due next Friday, December 17th. I will post my final entries on the blog after I've tallied everyone's vote.Thanks for your help!


  1. Zenyatta and John Shirreffs and The Pied Piper of Arlington

  2. I like the Prizefighter and the Pied Piper. Good luck!

  3. Fiji, water of Champions, Pied Piper of Arlington.

  4. I like the second and third ones, due in no small part to my crush on Arlington's bugler.

  5. Beyond doubt, composition and subject-wise, Pied Piper of Arlington is No. 1. ... I. Love. That. Picture.

    The No. 2, probably Shirreffs and Zenyatta. (C'mon, you know you'll get votes from either Zenyatta photo. But I think it would help to see her face.)

    And No. 3: Where do I apply for the job of carrying really attractive women around in my arms at the racetrack?

  6. They're all wonderful, but my two picks would be the Pied Piper and Zenyatta with John Shirreffs. Good luck!

  7. #1 The Pied Piper of Arlington
    #2 Fiji: Water of Champions

  8. Pied Piper and Zenyatta/John Shirreffs

  9. Pied Piper and Zenyatta/John Shirreffs

  10. I like Water of Champions

    I like Water of Champions my family has harness racing horses and they are so babied they get drinks from a owner held water bucket

  11. #'1 one and three. Z's inimitable dance and the intensity of the bugler. Good luck.