Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Breaking News

This is such disappointing news. The little gray put in such a tremendous effort in the Belmont Stakes. He deserves to get a victory, he's been pit against so many monsters, he's barely been able to win a thing. The linked article from Thoroughbred Times says he's expected to return to racing in the fall.

I'll believe that when I see it.

Some good news: did you notice that Quality Road worked out on Monday? He worked 3 furlongs at Belmont in 38:83, breezing on a fast track. Let's hope he returns to racing soon and doesn't have any more Big Brown issues.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Dunkirk and was so thrilled with his Belmont performance I didn't even care about Summer Bird beating him.

    1. He ran that race well outside of the norm for him (closing-not pacesetting)

    2. He ran longer than ever before doing #1 setting a lively pace

    3. He came back from doing both 1 and 2 in the end and still beat MTB

    4. Finally just when I think we'll hear something other than "the 3.7 mil purchase" in the same sentence as his name (people finally will give him the respect he deserves)he has this happen.
    (which I think makes 1-3 all the more unreal and truly shows how much heart he has doing what he did with a broken bone!)

    Dunkirk cannot catch a dang break!!! Ughhh already ;0(

    Yes...GREAT news on the Quality Road front at least!