Friday, June 5, 2009


I promise, promise, promise, to write down everything once tomorrow is over. I can't believe how little time I've had over the past two days. Here's a picture to prove it's all been good, clean fun...

In the meantime, go Birdie, go!


  1. Despite the loss by Mine That Bird, I hope you've enjoyed the Belmont experience. It was a great race. ... Congrats on having been credentialed for it.

  2. Thanks, Glenn. I was definitely able to enjoy the Belmont, despite MTB's loss. I had a gut feeling Summer Bird would run a big one, so I was actually excited when he won (though obviously rooting for Borel and co). I have a ton of pictures and stories to tell once I get home. What a crazy, crazy few days. Now for a much-earned rest!